Mike Boyd
Mike Boyd

Mike has been at The Heights for over 20 years and has served under four different pastors.  He is a graduate of APU with an M.A. in Business Management.  He and his wife, Joyce have two grown kids who spent their youth group days here.  Mike worked for the city of Chino as a Purchasing Manager and is now an adjunct professor at UCR.  Some of Mike's favorites are: John Wayne and Robert Shaw movies, Tombstone, the TV shows 24 and Law & Order, and teaching. Fun Fact: He personally met Bob’s Big Boy who would make double decker chocolate doughnuts for Mike and his dad.

Jim Smith

Jim has been the pastor of San Antonio Heights since 2014.  He and his wife, Vicki, have four married children and 10 grand kids.  He enjoys life to its fullest and loves to bring glory to God always.  He is actively involved in church and Pacific Church Network, of which he is the President.

Steve McMullen

Steve and his wife Beverly are proud grandparents, sports car enthusiasts, foodies, and music connoisseurs. They love the Lord and have been dedicated to serving this church since they began attending.

Hank Perkins

He has been attending The Heights since 1994 and  has two adult children and one fantastic granddaughter. He loves the Lord with an effervescent spirit of joy and practicality.

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