Jim Smith

Jim has been the pastor of San Antonio Heights since 2014.  He and his wife, Vicki, have four married children and 10 grand kids.  He enjoys life to its fullest and loves to bring glory to God always.  He is actively involved in church and also serves as President of Pacific Church Network, of which our church is a member.

Don Ogle

Don enjoys woodworking and volunteers as a counselor online with Global Media Outreach, counseling people around the world about faith in Jesus Christ.  Don has been attending the Heights for many years.  He also has been known to tell a joke or two, or three, or four.

David Bail

David started attending San Antonio Heights Community Church (SAHCC) back in 2014 when he accepted our Lord Jesus Christ as his personal savior. David and his wife Alexis are the proud parents of two wonderful children, Sienna & Alex. David’s early work life began after high school when he joined the USAF. He served a little over fours and then entered into the private business sector. He has worked for the same distribution company for over 32 years. David enjoys serving others and is excited to share the gospel. He loves the outdoors and spending time whenever possible with his family and friends.

Steve McMullen

Steve and his wife Beverly are proud grandparents, hot rod enthusiasts, foodies, and music connoisseurs. They love the Lord and have been dedicated to serving this church since they began attending.

John Livesay

John has a heart for missions and has been our missions coordinator since 2008.  He has been attending The Heights since 1989, has two adult daughters, and his wife Rhonda is our wedding coordinator.  Some of his favorite things are Angels baseball, Kings hockey, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Caddyshack, The Amazing Race, Blue Bloods, Purpose Driven Life, and the Bible.  Fun Fact: He was in the Blues Brothers Movie for about three seconds (he got paid for it!)