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"Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit."

-Matthew 28:19

The purpose of this church is to praise God and to preach Christ in our community and around the world.  There are presently six missionaries supported in part by the SAHCC church.  The pupose of this page is to recognize the work of each missionary.  We seek to avail you the opportunity to rejoice with all of us as we see regular news from these strong individuals and families so dedicated to helping others hear of Christ.  By developing relationships and friendships, the Kingdom of God will become even stronger. Praise God for dedicated missionaries around the world.


San Antonio Heights Community Church has a purpose, as in Matthew 28:19, not only to build spiritual maturity in its people but to prepare and send missionaries throughout the world to spread the news of Jesus Christ.  


The church supports several missionaries and their families around the world who are spreading the Word of God.  These missionaries have our great respect as they have answered the call of God, put their lives on the line, and given up comforts that we cannot even imagine by going to remote regions of the world to help the people of God.


Some missionaries translate the Bible into rare languages to bring the word of God to people who otherwise would not have an opportunity to hear or read it, as there are still many people in the world who do not have a Bible in their language.  Other missionaries evangelize and preach the Word of God.  Some missionaries are involved in teaching literacy, health, sanitation, and even work skills.


Missionaries leave family, friends, the comfort of their own country, language and culture to go to a distant land and encounter a whole new life, learn a new language and culture.  Many missionaries raise their families on the mission field.  They go through many obstacles and trials and do rely on the prayers and support of friends and family here at home.  We proudly share with you the news of our missionaries.

Missions Coordinator
John Livesay

John has a heart for missions and has been our missions coordinator since 2008.  He has been attending The Heights since 1989, has two adult daughters, and his wife Rhonda is our wedding coordinator.  Some of his favorite things are Angels baseball, Kings hockey, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Caddyshack, The Amazing Race, Blue Bloods, Purpose Driven Life, and the Bible.  Fun Fact: He was in the Blues Brothers Movie for about three seconds (he got paid for it!)

Alec and Tammy Harrison


C.P.3006 Coxipo da Ponte

Cuiaba MT 78080-970 Brazil


Tammy grew up in Brazil with her missionary parents Al and Sue Graham. Alec and Tammy Harrison joined Wycliffe in 1985. For many years their primary assignment was Bible translation among the Xavante people of Brazil, where the NT was completed in 2005.  Alec's current assignments include coordination of the Xavante OT mother-tongue translation (MTT) project, training of MTTs in Brazil and Africa, and coordinator of an initiative to help foster a greater degree of cooperation for Bible Translation work among Portuguese speaking countries, most of which are in Africa.

Tammy is currently focusing on finishing a multidisciplinary degree program with a goal of using the knowledge to better serve in both her current and future roles in Brazil and possibly Africa. She is also serving in a Member Care capacity here in Brazil.


The Harrisons wish to thank you for their support and prayers.  They ask for prayers for Eliabe as he continues to draft the Old Testament into Xavante, prayers for Alec and his administrative duties, and for their family that is separated by many miles. 

Shannon and Danielle Hurley
Sufficiency of Scriptures
Uganda, Africa

Shannon Hurley founded SOS (Sufficiency of Scriptures)Ministries after seeing the overwhelming physical and spiritual needs of the Ugandan people. Founded in 2002, SOS Ministries is a Christian non-profit organization which seeks to provide humanitarian aid and biblical training to all those in need, focusing on the people of Uganda.  
In 2002, Shannon graduated from The Masters Seminary and in early 2006 relocated his family to Uganda to more effectively serve the people. Initially operating a Christ-focused orphanage in the Kampala suburb of Mukono, Shannon became increasingly convinced that God had other plans for his ministry, as He opened a door to strengthen the Church through Biblical Training. In early 2009, As Shannon’s Biblical Training ministry continued to expand to meet the great need for clear teaching and training (Hosea 4:6), Shannon relocated the ministry to Luweero, two hours north of Kampala in a remote jungle. From this base, SOS could be among the people and pastors they desire to impact.
Since arriving in Luweero, SOS Ministries has grown from a staff of 5 to over 20 full-time staff, and its national training ministry continues to grow, reaching now into Kenya. 
Tim and Susy Graham

Wycliffe Bible Translators, Tucson Arizona

63865 E. Via de Descanso, Tucson AZ  85739

Tim grew up in Brazil with his parents Al and Sue Graham. Beginning in 1976, Tim and Susy had a real desire to be a part of Bible Translation. Their hearts were open to God's leading, but they were unsure of where they would best fit. They both took computer training with JAARS, the technical arm of Wycliffe and while at JAARS, Tim and Susy were approached about joining the Mexico Branch of Wycliffe. In 1983, they moved to Mexico City. They have served God by serving their translation coworkers in Mexico. Tim's job description includes the recording, editing, archiving and posting of audio Scriptures on the Wycliffe website known as ScriptureEarth. Susy serves with the linguistic publications department and helps to run the branch mailroom. The Mexico Branch is currently working in 60 language projects. There are still another 30 languages in Mexico, awaiting God's word. They have moved to Tucson, AZ where they continue their work.

Lance and Jessica Kanagy


Missionary Aviation Fellowship


Lance and Jessica are excited to take part in the Great Commission by serving as missionaries with Mission Aviation Fellowship. As a pilot/mechanic, Lance will use aviation to spread the Gospel to isolated people through aviation. Jessica desires to have a ministry with women and children.

Both Lance and Jessica were raised as missionary kids in Brazil. Jessica's grandma is our very own Sue Graham!  They are raising support to go to Indonesia soon.

Kevin and Peggy Grip


Campus Crusade for Christ, Japan

Kitamachi 5-3-9, Nishitokyo, Tokyo 202-0003 Japan

Steve and Trina Graham

C.P. 189/C

Fazenda, Praia

Cape Verde Islands

Steve grew up in Brazil, the son of Sue and Al Graham. Steve and Trina have served with Wycliffe since 1976, in the countries of Brazil, Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, São Tomé and Príncipe, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They have served in field leadership, field translation programs, and program starts for mother tongue translation teams. Steve has earned an MA in Sociolinguistics, and together they have also conducted many sociolinguistics surveys, and contributed to many language entries in the Ethnologue. Hence, Wycliffe has asked them to join the Ethnologue staff. The Ethnologue is a regular mission publication that actively investigates, tracks, catalogues, and maps information on all the languages of the world, including their status in relation to Bible Translation– It has become the primary authoritative source of information on the world’s languages for mission, government, development, and academic organizations. 

Sue Graham

served in Brazil

In 1959  Wycliffe Bible translators Al and Sue Graham went  to the Amazon jungles in Maués, Brazil. They worked with the Sateré people, who were named after a gorgeous florescent insect that hovers above the canopy of the jungle but delivers a terrible sting when touched.


Because of the low self esteem of the Sateré, they were killing themselves off by suffocating their newborns. When the Graham's arived in 1959, they only numbered 1,500.  By 1982, after the Graham’s work, they had grown to over 5,000 with 9 flourishing churches. It was during their initial translation that the Graham’s had heard the legend of the Wasidii (an original ancestor of the Sateré).  The Wasidii had arrived in their land as a prisoner of unknown captors. While hidden in a cave, a "god" gave him ten rules for living and Wasidii carved them on a canoe paddle; five positive and five negative. The paddle still exists today and anthropologists who have examined the paddle cannot identify the writing or the wood. These rules had then been passed down to each generation’s chief. The legend promised that someday someone would come and explain the writing to them. When Sue Graham showed interest in the writing of the Sataré language, they thought that she was Wasidii returned to earth. The legend of the magic paddle helped the Grahams in their translation work and especially when translating the Ten Commandments. The New Testament was finished April 20, 1986 and the whole Bible was finished April 20, 2017.

Al and Sue raised five children, several who continue to work as missionaries around the world.  Al has gone ahead to meet Jesus already and Sue is semi-retired.

Kevin and Peggy are backed by Campus Crusade for Christ and minister to college students in Japan.  From 18,000 to 20,000 university students from 127 countries attended Campus Misson 2007 held in Pusan, South Korea from June 30-July 5.  Of the 170 members of the Japanese delegation, one student wants to go and minister in East Asia and Australia.  Another wants to share Christ in Mongolia, and several more have already applied to summer mission projects in Mongolia, East Asia, Central Asia, as well as Sapporo and Kyoto, Japan.  Kevin, Peggy and their team ask for prayer for their Japanese students to "follow Christ into the unreached world and for help getting them there." 


Please visit for more information. 

Lonney and Paula Moore


Hope Partners International


Lonney and Paula Moore met, married and began ministry right here at The Heights.  For over 20 years, Lonney has served at a number of churches, dedicating his work to empowering students to discover God’s love and form a relationship with Him, while unleashing a passion in them to change the world around them.


Centro de Esperanza (The Hope Center) is specifically set up to aid children that live in poverty in an area called Pavas in Costa Rica.  Lonney and Paula partner with this ministry by loving and caring for these children and sharing Jesus with them and also through hosting mission teams to serve at Hope Center.

Pacific Church Network
2520 North Euclid
Upland, CA 91784

Pacific Church Network is a partnership of many ethnically and culturally diverse churches in Southern California, Hawaii and Guam. The churches that make up Pacific Church Network are committed to a common statement of faith and to participation together toward the advancement of the gospel. Pacific Church Network churches partner together to EQUIP each other, ENCOURAGE each other, and ESTABLISH new churches every year together.  

PCN Equips Pastors and Churches with quarterly ministry workshops, ongoing online training, staffing referral service, church consulting, and legal support. PCN equips church leaders with Annual Pastors and Wives Retreat, Online forum for support and networking, Quarterly church staff Gatherings, Mentor Groups for Pastors.  PCN establishes new churches with Church Planting Infrastructure, Church plant Funding, Training, Coaching, and Resourcing. Ordination process and certification.

We are pleased to be a part of this active network.

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