Our History


The origins of our church stretch back to 1895. That was the year a Sunday School for children in the community began meeting from house to house. Sermons from various ministers in the area were given after Sunday School.


The need for a permanent place of worship became increasingly apparent. Because many denominations were represented in the early days, the name Bethany Union Congregation Community Church Of San Antonio Heights was adopted in the fall of 1915, the year the church was officially formed. The first building (what is now the Romanian Orthodox Church) was dedicated on June 11, 1916.  The first official, full-time minister of the Bethany Union Congregation came in 1946. On July 24, 1966 our church family moved up the street to its current residence.  On July 24, 2016 we celebrated our 50th year at this location.


Through many “dangers, toils, and snares” our congregation came in these early days: natural disasters, lean times financially, church splits, and the home-going of many a beloved saint, but the Lord’s people persevered! In 1958 Bethany Union Congregation Community Church Of San Antonio Heights became First Baptist Church of San Antonio Heights (American Baptist). In 2001 we changed our name once again to San Antonio Heights Community Church, and in 2007 we changed our denominational affiliation to Conservative Baptist and finally Pacific Church Network